A New Beginning

Detroit_Opera_House_with_treesFollowing my interests this year has taken me on a winding road of the humanities.  I ended 2015 delving deeper into the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which led me to spend quite a bit of time with his operas.  I was familiar with some of the music from the operas of Mozart, but I worked to acquaint myself with the major operas in their entirety.  Turns out that the Spring season of my local Michigan Opera Theatre is ending in May with Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte.  I was excited to purchase some inexpensive tickets to performances of four different operas at the Detroit Opera House.

LIbraryOne of the upcoming operas I have a ticket to is Verdi’s Macbeth, with a libretto adapted from the Shakespeare play of the same name.  This fostered a desire to become more familiar with some of the plays of Shakespeare that I wanted to know better.  In reading and watching a dozen or so of the Bard’s plays, and reading about those plays, I was led in the direction of more of the “classics” and “Great Books” of the Western literary tradition.

To make a long story short, this rekindled interest in literature has inspired the creation of a new blog.  This new WordPress site is about books, and I would love to invite all of you to take a peek at it.  Great Books of Old Stream is what I came up with as a name.  The “Great Books” part is probably obvious where it originated from.  The “Old Stream” part is open to your own interpretation.  Thanks for any time you can spare to visit.

Great Books of Old Stream


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  1. In my classroom, I call this new discovery ’emergent curriculum’. Your love of music has drawn you to learning, and to finding new things. That’s great! Count me in as a follower. Oh, speaking of Mozart, his music is what I am introducing to my students (preschoolers) on Monday. We are in the middle of painting up a storm, and more, for our art show, and I read that Einstein was motivated by Mozart. It was his favorite musician. I can’t wait to tell the children. Music is the universal language. Books and literature are what I do best with children and make a difference, so I look forward to your posts.

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