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Why Music?

On the “About” page of the new book blog I started, Great Books of Old Stream,  I spent some time thinking about why I read.  I asked myself, why is it important for people to read great books?  Also,  why … Continue reading

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Brahms Festival 2016

For the next three weeks, my hometown orchestra will be celebrating the music of Johannes Brahms.  My musical brother from another mother, Mike, would say the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is inflicting the music of Brahms on its audience.  He is … Continue reading

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Dr Eliot’s’ Five Foot Shelf

I came of age as a bright-eyed student in the middle of another flare up of the canon wars.  Not “cannon”, as in the large gunpowder piece of artillery that shoots steel balls between pirate ships.  Not “Canon” the camera … Continue reading

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