La Cathédrale Engloutie

There is a region in Northwest France that is named Brittany.  This is the home of the ethnic group of Bretons, who speak the ancient Celtic language of Breton.  This language is related to Cornish, and more distantly related to Welsh.  The ancestors of the Bretons came to this part of France over 1,000 years... Continue Reading →

More Exhibitionism

Continuing my look at “Pictures at an Exhibition”, I picked one of the movements for which we still have the original image.  At the memorial exhibition of the works of Viktor Hartmann, there were several sketches of ballet costumes he designed.  The title of the music inspired by one of these images is variously translated... Continue Reading →

Complex, But Not Complicated

“Complex, but not complicated” was a self-professed compositional creed of the great Maurice Ravel. The names Ravel and Debussy are usually spoken in the same breath, much like “cookies and milk”, “cake and ice cream”, or even “steak and baked potato”. The two great French musicians are most often given as the quintessential examples of... Continue Reading →

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