“The Fifth is an accursed work.  No one gets the point” Gustav Mahler I think Gustav may have been a little hard on himself in this case.  The form of the last movement is surely difficult to describe.  Well, maybe not.  If one is looking for a classical Rondo, the form of this movement is... Continue Reading →


“Strange enough Mahler took note of me immediately; not only because of my face, which could be called beautiful at the time, but also because of my sharp, tense manner.  He looked at me through his glasses long and searchingly.” Alma Mahler, on her first encounter with Gustav If you have only heard one piece... Continue Reading →


“Mahler’s marches are like heart attacks, his chorales like all christendom gone mad  … Mahler is German music multiplied by N” Leonard Bernstein on Mahler “The Scherzo is a devil of a movement…” Mahler on the third movement of the Fifth Symphony Mahler still has one foot in the 19th century, and in musical classicism.... Continue Reading →

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