Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

Le Sacre du Printemps

The Rite of Spring

Igor Stravinsky

Those of you who were reading this blog last year at this time, know of my spring ritual.  Actually, even if you just live near me, you probably know my habit.  On the first day of Spring, I choose one of my recordings of The Rite of Spring, and play it as loudly as my tower speakers will allow.  I think this is a cathartic experience, honoring one of my favorite composers and favorite pieces of music.  As objectionable as it may be to some of my neighbors, it is more acceptable than sacrificing a goat on the front lawn, to make the crops grow.

Rite of Spring BoulezOne of the best orchestral performances available is the Cleveland Orchestra with Pierre Boulez conducting.  Boulez actually has recorded Le Sacre on more than one occasion with Cleveland, and those performances have been released and re-released multiple times.  (When available, I love the version he led in 1969)


RiteMy most recent favorite version of The Rite of Spring is by the trio The Bad Plus.  They have adapted the work to their instrumentation, and added their rebel spirit to the material.  The Bad Plus is an intelligent, creative, and masterful group of musicians.

Listen to the iconic opening of Stravinsky’s masterpiece in the original orchestra version.

Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, Introduction, Pierre Boulez and the Cleveland Orchestra

And now listen to the same stretch of music, performed by The Bad Plus

Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, Introduction, The Bad Plus

I absolutely love both versions.  For variety, this year the neighbors will be subjected to The Bad Plus version.  I have included links to both on Spotify, if you care to join in the fun playing your favorite at home.

The Rite of Spring, Pierre Boulez and the Cleveland Orchestra on Spotify

The Rite of Spring, The Bad Plus on Spotify



7 thoughts on “Rituals

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  1. We play music and work a bit on spring cleaning, but we’ve been working on it all week. I like the first one better.

  2. I love the Bad Plus version, too! Thank you for sharing it and for visiting my blog FrontRowCenter @ http://www.judithtrojan.com and my coverage of pianist/teacher/composer extraordinaire Seymour Bernstein! You might want to check out my other film reviews about iconic musicians, including Pete Seeger, who certainly inspired the world to sing with his music at http://www.judithtrojan.com/2014/01/31 and the more mainstream pianist, composer and child prodigy, Marvin Hamlisch, at http://www.judithtrojan.com/2013/12/27 Thanks again for Following my blog, FrontRowCenter! Welcome Aboard!

  3. I started a day early, courtesy of Dave Wagner. Pulling up at a stoplight with The Rite blasting away is a most satisfying feeling!

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