“There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.” – Duke Ellington

“Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Good Music Speaks is a blog about music, whatever music I happen to be listening to at the time I’m writing. We have more access to music than at any other time in history. People carry thousands of songs around on their phone or iPod. There is also internet radio, satellite radio, FM radio, music in the concert hall, club, bar, elevator, dentist’s office and from the guy in the car next to me damaging his hearing with his radio up way too loud. There is music in the background we are hardly aware of, music in commercials, music we dance to, eat to, sleep to and finally music to which we give our full undivided attention.

It is that last sort of music, the kind we pay full attention to that I want to write about. Genre is not crucial, I don’t care if it’s classical music, opera, jazz, blues or whatever. Just that we are giving our whole consciousness to listening to it, and in return hope that it speaks to us in some meaningful way. I want to take each thing we are listening to on its own terms, not asking the music to be anything it wasn’t trying to be. This sometimes takes some context of the time, place and purpose for which the music was originally meant. In the end it is a sort of three-part conversation between the composer, performer and listener that comes together to define our musical experience.

I have to say thank you to all the friends and family that have encouraged me in this project and helped spread the blog around the internet on their social networks.  Most of all I want to thank my beautiful wife Judy for her love and support.  She has been my test subject, proofreader and cheerleader from the beginning.  This is in addition to being the household CFO, chief of operations, main political-spiritual-menu adviser and the great love of my life.  (Thanks babe, you are the best thing that ever happened to me!)

Hopefully you will find something worth reading here.  Maybe it will lead you to some good music that is worth the time to listen and let it speak to you too.

– Rich Brown

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  1. hello, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the like on my Matt and Kim post it means a lot. I love your blog. No one writes about classic forms of music anymore and it’s so cool to see this kind of stuff on a modern platform! Keep it up! I do a new music realeases every Tuesday, follow back if you would like.

  2. Rich, thanks for liking my organ crawl post at Education-Spring.com. Yesterday I listened to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake to help the words flow.

  3. Thank you for liking my post on last night’s episode of The Voice. Glad you liked it. I like how you write about music and will follow your blog as well.

  4. Hi, thanks for the like on one of my posts! You look like you got a good thing going here too so I’ve followed you as well.

    It’s great to have music all around us!!! 🙂

  5. I love your blog. It uppered my standard for music. I appreciate that you stop by at my blog. As a beginner I’m curious of your thoughts, what do you think of my work? Do you have any suggestions? I’m not so sure about a good promotion of it 🙂
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Thanks for the like on my favourite song: Yasashisa no Tane, I don’t know Japanese neither am I able to read it. But I have read the english lyrics and most importantly, my soul can understand it! It’s very dear to me.
    Your blog is awesome, nice to see you were featured on WordPress and Awarded, too.
    Well I bet I can never be featured or the like….haha! Have a Good Day!

  7. Thanks MUCH for the like on my blog post. I had to check this one out to see who was paying my blog a visit.

    Regardless, the main reason that I became a DJ was my love of music (the vehicle being my love of dancing at that point in my life). To that end, what your stated mission is appeals to me.

    On another note, it’s nice to see you giving props to your “little lady.” More people need to do this for their Life’s Partners (yours truly DEFINITELY included).

  8. Thanks for liking my post Rich…loved your blog. My new blog ‘therodg’, tries to combine my other passion, photography, with the music running through my head….

  9. Hi Rich, thanks for your like on my Soundtracks post.

    Your blog is great – I love the concept and your appreciation for music in all its different styles and genres, from popular to classical and everything in-between. Looking forward to reading more of your writing in the future!


  10. This is a really nice blog. I’ve only read some of it but as I am now off work sick, I will be reading more and listening to some of your embedded music. LOVE Stolen Moments!!! Keep up the good work 🙂


  11. Hello, thank you so much for the like on my Turn up the Music post! Your blog is the exact sentiment I was trying to get across! I am looking forward to exploring your posts! 🙂

  12. Thank you for the “like” on my new blog. I appreciate you taking the time to check me out. I will be adding articles periodically as the writing mood hits me and hopefully most will be enjoyable to others. It is my intent to make you smile!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked my photo. I love good music. I hope you take a look at some of the posts I’ve done on that subject.
    I’ll be back. 🙂

  14. Thank you for the like on my very first post ever, I appreciate it! Your blog is fantastic, I’m so glad that I know of it now.

  15. Thank you for the like on American Candy Acrylic Interpretation. It’s my second ever painting; I see the flaws, so it’s validating to have someone like it. Cheers! ~Kimberly

  16. I bet you can guess why I named my blog WordMusic. I have written lots of song lyrics because I used to sing in nightclubs. I quit because I didn’t like the lyrics. So, I started writing my own in about 1980. The poem you liked is another of my hobbies; screwing with existing lyrics. I am so honored that you like it.

    Brent Kincaid

  17. Thank you for your like on my post regarding the upcoming CD Release Party of Mike Procyshyn. He’s a great songwritter. I quite enjoyed your site, lots of stuff here to digest. I will have to return & read more.

    See You In The Shadows…

  18. Hi Rich,
    Thank you for liking my post on Zentangle doodling. Appreciate if. Have you tried doodling.
    I have browsed your blog and I’m like you. I love music, of all genres.
    When painting or sketching I always have music playing to enrich the mood and creating process.

  19. Thank you Rich for liking my post. I really appreciate it. I love music and so I am pleased to see this blog. I will be checking in often to read your posts. For now, I read the about section and did a quick scan of your recent posts. Oh and I loved what you wrote about your wife above.

  20. Yes, good music speaks to the people whose souls are listening. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you all the success with all your projects.

  21. There’s just something in our souls which is moved by music…always has been. This looks to be a very informative and interesting blog. I’ll be stopping in to have a look from time to time. Thanks so much for your visit…


  22. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox Rich. I hope you are finding lots to entertain you and maybe making some discoveries. If you haven’t visited for a while check it out again. Please feel free to add comments. Regards Thom.

  23. Thank you for liking my post about Brandon Flowers’s concert in Paris! I love music in all styles and genres, so I’ll read your blog with attention. Have a good day!

  24. Hi – Thanks for visiting my blog and “liking” my poem. I know very little about the technicalities of music. I just know that I love it! I’d read some of my poems accompanied by music, and would love to put a few of them to music. I never much liked classical music, but my taste has evolved over the past 15 years, and I very much enjoy it now, particularly Verdi’s four seasons.

  25. So pleased to have located and follow your website. This is just the best of music and your views are fresh and so spot on.

  26. Wait! There’s a third kind of music. WordMusic. hahaha. Forgive my tiny joke. I am so delighted that you liked my poem Bewitched on my blog WordMusic. Thank you so much.

    Brent Kincaid

  27. Yo!! Rich Brown…
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my poem. Reaching out got me to check your joint out. I’m intrigued and look forward to reading yours. Looks cool. Cheers and see Ya around.


  28. This is a great and original idea; there aren’t enough people that incorporate music so passionately into their lives. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it always makes me happy to see someone who has music as such a central thing in their life. Great idea to do what you’re doing.

  29. Thanks for the “Like.” Music played a huge role in my mother’s life, and she in turn infused my life with it. She enjoyed many types, from classical guitar to jazz standards to rock’n’roll. Her life was a constant party, especially after she became a single mom. Music and a positive attitude helped her through many challenging times. She loved to party, and what’s a party without music? I hope you’ll check back for a daily video from Pearl’s Party “soundtrack.”

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